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How to start and maintain a successful salon Business

Any business which involves women’s appearance always succeeds as long as it is packaged well. The salon industry is growing and we expect it to grow even bigger. Though the business is good, one still needs focus.

Make a business plan,

Every business needs planning to operate successfully and to maintain success, it does not have to be along drawn business plan, it can simply be a graph of activities to be done and assessments. The purpose is to figure out what the business is and how to maintain its success.





Figure out the funding

Finance is very important in the start of a business, whether its borrowed money, savings or partnerships. It’s necessary to know the source of finance, how much and to what extent will it support the business.






Find a mentor

As a beginner, you need experienced people in the field to mentor you into the business, this will help avoid miss-appropriation, choosing location and clientale.






Accountability and Audit

In order to keep track of the business, put in place an accounting team or personnel to enable you asses’ profitability, loses and make the right decision.







Hunt for the right location

Location is very significant as it determines the clientele and profits. Visibility definitely promotes the business. Never locate your salon in an area simply because it’s less costly, it’s better to incur high costs but with good turn up.





Design and appearance of the salon

Before you design the salon, make a check list on what friends and family may like because first impression sells the brand and our friends, family obviously are our first customers.







Provide excellent customer service

After succeeding in opening the salon, you must create an environment that your clients will appreciate. Clients love to know that their needs come first







Set aside money for marketing

Every successful business needs to maintain their clients and to continuously attract them, you need a good marketing plan. If you do not budget for marketing, the business will struggle. For the start create un-expensive website and include helpful information about the business.




Hire staff based on personality.

At the beginning, you may be the only employee but soon you will need staff. Its better to hire someone based on personality than skills, hire personality then train them how to nurture your clients.

Re-evaluate the business plan

At a certain point in time, the plan will need to be reviewed and adjusted to soot the new ideas and trends.

Check ways of saving from the business after the growth period in the business, it’s important that you start to secure some cash from the business.

By Irene Ageno Julu.

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