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Who moved my Cheese: the best guide to Change?

Change is inevitable, unavoidable, sometimes gradual and other times sudden. Who moved my cheese is a small text; so full of wisdom for any individual to manoeuvre with life at any moment.

When the director of my internship organisation assigned me to read the book, ouch! I thought he was kidding because it seemed uncoordinated to my kind of work as an intern and a waste of time to keep me busy for no reason. I read it anyway ahead of the meeting we were to hold the following day.

Just as the old adage; never judge a book by its cover. This small novel is extravagantly rich in knowledge that can change one’s attitude, character and thoughts towards change.

It is an allegorical novel written by Guest Spencer who extremely exploits symbolism there is in this text which leaves every reader asking for more like Oliver Twist in Charles Dickens’ novel.

The simple story starts with a group of friends that meet for a catch up after going on different journeys of life. They share their experiences on how change has given them a pill of life. A pill bitter and sweet but one they could not run away from.

Guest gives the story another twist that is quite interesting and gets you reading on and on opening page after page. It’s the story of the two mice scuff and sniff and the little people Hem and Haw narrated through Michael one of the friends that meet to catch up.

Each of these characters is a mirror of each of us in our own maze chasing after the best cheese in cheese section; C, N and any other of our choice. Like Hem and Haw there are those individuals that are so full of themselves. They believe they are entitled to their positions, properties name it all.

There are also the Sniffs and Scuffs who are thought to have the rodent brain but sharper than the little people. They embrace change without thinking twice. People with such characters are very adventurous and easily let go.

You cannot have enough of the life lessons in the text; every page tickles your eyes to open more.


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