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When your Campus roommate gives you hell rather than heaven

As she grew weary at a point she was getting close to the finishing line of the education, the peak of school journey, because her inconvenient roommate together with her hatred towards the course, Maxmillan’s parents were there to cheer her up in every possible way.
Maximillan Namulondo is a third year student of Adult and Community education at Makerere University. Her joy to complete school is filled to the brim; she could not stop flashing it before me and the roomie who throws a simple joke just to obstruct her.
Max, as her friends prefer calling her feigns a smile as she starts narrating the ordeals of her campus life in hostel. At that moment, when all hopes of getting a place in any of the halls had hanged lose, the father had no option but to take her to a hostel. Guess what, after moving in the scorching sun on the dusty roads of kinoni, he landed on Juliana one of the posh girls’ hostel.
Like any other fresher elsewhere Max was as excited as a bird out of a cage. Free from any authority home, ready to fly high in the sky.
“It feels so sweet being independent” Max recounts meditatively. “Go happen late in the night, return at the break of dawn, is there a thing better than that for a campuser? Nara!” thought Max.
Those and more are the dreams Poor Max harbored deep down in her heart. When they say don’t count your eggs before they hatch, it makes sense to this fine light skinned charming lady.
With all the turmoil with the roomie Becky, all her dreams of campus fun were shuttered by this one person who proved to be a scary nightmare in the longest night of her stay in hostel. Becky was only a year ahead of Max which gave her chance to dominate over this naïve fresher. None of Max’s friends or classmates would be permitted to enter the room without the roomie’s approval. Actually in Max’s absence she would slam the door in their faces.
If that was better, then it was worse seeing the roommate behave a parasite feasting on her grab as Max the prey watched on with none of her nerves willing to rebel. Each day of the week their room housed crowds of the Becky’s friends.
In Max’s position having less or nothing to do, she would seek consolence in watching movies, happenings; going to friends’ cribs to sooth her misery. She remembers watching movies from sunrise to sunrise most of the days and that is how she ended up to miss out on classes. On days she ran out of movies, she would sleep at her friend’s in Africa or go to clubs even when she had classes the next morning. Such despair coupled with her rage towards the course, Max bowed as her future was being crippled; suffering a slow death which seemed to alarm her concerned parents who decided she should join hall.
In Max’s second year, she was able to unearth a place in complex hall. She says she was extremely relieved being in a new consign close to her faculty, next to most of her friends. Somehow she started learning how to love her course attending almost all classes. Conversely, Max’s joy never lasted long when they started having misunderstanding with her new roommate Peninah (not real name). The day they were tempted to talk over the issues, is the last the two said a word to each other.
The two months of friendship only remained in the closet of memories and the rest was cold war. Max and Penniah had just one thing to share, a room and the rest were marked with clear boundaries until end of previous semester.
Though currently in her third year, she now has another roomie with whom they share the same tastes. Max says; she and Leila (not real name) became friends last academic year and so they decided to apply for a room together. She holds no problem against the hall except theft which is on a high magnitude.

By Kafuko Shamim

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