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What to know while buying a Gadget: Don’t be cheated???

Here are things to consider when buying a gadget

Weeks into the semester, many students would be looking around to purchase new devices especially laptops and smartphone. When buying gadgets, there are many things to look up to though most campusors mostly interest themselves with the price and the physical appearance. They however end up frustrated when the gadget turns out the opposite of what they desire

To be on a safe side and avoid cheats, here is what you should look up to when buying a gadget especially a second hand from fellow students?


  1. Build quality.

The quality of your phones physical build up (housing) greatly impacts on its durability. A metallic body is way stronger and protected from falls and drops than plastic and glass coated phones.

  1. Size and resolution of display

When buying a phone, you should put in mind what you want to use it for. A screen of 5.5-6.0 full HD or QHD is more suitable for watching videos while a 5- inch HD may be good at checking emails and chats.

  1. Processor

This greatly impacts on the phone’s performance. The phone’s processor speed will hugely depend on the operating system, user interface and bloat wares (hope you attended your computer classes’ diligently). The processor is helps in editing images and videos online as well as playing games.


This is what every campus student look up to in a phone. This is a selfie generation! However not every smart phone take good photos. Most people only check for the number of mega pixels but a good phone photo goes beyond the pixels.

Other features like camera aperture, ISO levels, and auto focus also should be considered. A phone of about 13MP camera with f/2.2 aperture will be good for photography.


The battery life of your phone is highly important. Some phone may get faulty batteries as new as 5months of usage. How you handle and use your phone will also determine its battery life. Overcharging and charging before the phone warns may spoil your battery.

However, when buying a phone, check for MAh. A phone with 3000MAh will be good for watching videos


Check for how much data the phone is able to hold. Is it 16GB or 32 and pick according to what you want it for?

Audio/ speakers

The location of the speakers should be considered. Phones with Front facing speakers are better for gaining clarity even when the phone is in landscape mode

Security features

You should pick phones with better security features like finger print censors (like that of Techno W5), iris scanner as this can help in guaranteeing your phone’s safety as well as files.


Before buying a laptop, first consider why you a buying it. Is it for PowerPoint or video editing? For example, although apple laptops are dear, there are some few like notepads you can easily afford.

Figure out the price that won’t damage your pockets and also the size. Is it mini, medium or max that you need? Mac or PC?

Check storage life. A laptop with 300GB storage may have only 260GB free space on purchaser

Check the PC’s battery life

Size of the RAM. See how motherboard

Installed and his much the laptop can support. 4-8 RAM is the standard for regular laptops

The CPU avoid older CPUs like Celeron, Atom, and Pentium…

The operating system (which is the structure and interface of the laptop) windows is the most common and compatible operating system

Also make sure to take a look at the hardware inside especially the motherboard

Always remember to check the laptop thoroughly before paying for it.

Also look at the warrantee of the gadget.

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