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The fictionally contested Guild election came to an end with victory flying to the green family under Julius Ntende.

The 2018/2019 Makerere University Guild election came to an end yesterday 19th April.

Voting started as early as possible with voters from different faculties casting their votes in the fairly cold morning amidist chants from different political parties such as Forum for Democratic change commonly known as FDC, Uganda youth Democrats (UYD) an agency of DP,NRM and other independent groups…

The final results however where announced infavour of Julius Ntende,a self profiled humble gentleman with Eastern Origin.

The Campusa has come to know that it was also a clean history written by UYD in retaining this election for two consecutive years..

In his own words to our correspident,the president-elect couldn’t cease expressing his appreciation,

” I take this Opportunity, *to extend my sincere gratitude to every student* that Turned Up On the 19th April 2018, to exercise their right to Vote and Decide.

_I thank you all for the Emense Support you have all rendered to My Team and I throughout the Season in all your Various Ways, tirelessly._

To My fellow Candidates, it has been a Good and long Race, We have shared and learnt alot from one another and it is my prayer that we may continue to do so as we work together for the betterment of beloved our Institution.

_Thank you, for believing in me and giving me the mandate to Represent you because

_*”Everyone Matters and Everyone is Involved”*._

*Most importantly, I would love to thank The Lord Almighty for taking all of us through the season and the Semester.* and as we finalize with our coursework and get closer to the Final Examinations, it is my prayer still, that the *Same Lord Grants You Success in All Your Examinations and may you reap the Very best”

Julius Ntende a second year student would replace the precumbent President Awori.Emmanuel .S. after coming first followed by FDC’s Brandon,Mark Hillary,Edison and NRM’s Bashir ibanda.

In another related development threw was a massive show organised by students of Leisure and Hospitality movement where guest performances from Fikfameika DJ Shiru was availed to Mubs students at a free cost.


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