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Ugandan smartphone designing firm Pixan Corporation opens its Pixan developers convention 2018

Pixan Corporation can be credited for being amongst if not the first Ugandan entities to attempt to locally design smartphones. Their first prototypes were the Pixan M6 and M8 and have once again come up with something new, the Pixan Developers convention.

So what is Pixan Developers Convention?

Pixan Developers is a platform that aims at building a community of developers. It was created to achieve the vision of empowering innovators and inventors in Africa, focusing on Uganda with the theme “Building Communities: A Competitive Advantage for Ugandan Innovators in the Global Economy.” This is one of the founding principles of Pixan Corporation––empowering the dreamers in Uganda so that they can achieve what they have in mind. It’s therefore a joy that this principle that the company was founded on has actually been fulfilled.

This online platform shall avails tools and expertise to individual developers and organisations in Uganda to boost their innovations as part of the tech community. Pixan Corp. Ltd aims at helping over 30 startups by 2020 through this great platform.

The Pixan Developers Convention of 2018 is to simply launch this platform and inform the world that Pixan Corp. Ltd has opened up its doors to the public. It is on that day that we shall explain to the world exactly what Pixan is all about, unveil the Pixan Developers platform, and interact with the general public for the first time. This event is a culture that’ll be there annually where the community of developers meet and take stock of the previous ones while unveiling plans for the future, all thanks to Pixan Corp. Ltd.

It is important to note that Pixan Corp. Ltd. was founded on philosophy–and that philosophy revolved around the notion of “how to empower the neglected innovation and talent.” The business of innovation and invention hasn’t really taken off here in Uganda because there is no uniting factor that brings all the scientific minds together. It’s like everyone is in their own little cocoon and they have refused to acknowledge the rest of the world. So it is impossible to have our own silicon valley. It’s impossible to have specialists who are highly skilled in a particular department given that we can’t specialize. It also makes it impossible to drum up support, especially financially, since there is no uniting factor. Supporting each other as developers is impossible given that there is no credible network in the fraternity of innovators.

So the big question is, “what is the solution to all these barriers?”

Now, the convention dubbed Pixan Developers Conference ’18 is aimed at explaining how tech developers can work with each other; i.e. developing a “tech community” and providing the platform on which the much needed collaboration will take place. We ought to know that this platform provides certain tools and comes with certain benefits that are quite hard to come by in Africa.

First off, we need to know that we’ll join the platform as students, individual professionals, or as organizations (firms) at a very reasonable subscription fee: this will help the corporation to maintain the platform and support tooling.

Secondly, there’ll be a Developers’ Programme which is a crush course in certain fields of specialization.

In Africa, we have a lot of tech institutions and organizations that are aimed at improving on the technological capabilities of our continent. The truth is that Africa is lagging behind technologically and we ought to improve at a tremendous rate to catch up and live compatibly in this global village. But the problem is, many of these institutions and organization are not fully tapping the potential of their members. To a certain extent, the funds that these organizations usually get for research and development are also misused and don’t get to achieve core objectives.

So why continue funding these organizations? Is it really worth it? What do we benefit from these expensive projects? The hard fact is that to make a nation or a continent great, a lot of effort ought to be invested technologically. Africa will continue being at the mercy of more powerful continents unless we too do something that gives us a voice–and that something is technological innovation and advancement.

So here we have the gift of the Pixan Corp Developers Convention 2018. It is a gift because it will be the first of its kind in Uganda, and it’s to see the unveiling of extremely cool tools and platforms that will make any innovator blush. It could lead to a whole new and great system by developing a fantastic OS better than the iOS or even beat Android.

It is a fact that the tech community of Uganda is ailing, even though we have a very large number of graduates in the fields of sciences. The simple reason is that we are not connecting; we are still not organized since we lack opinion leaders in this industry; we have not yet created a community that works and thrives together. Well, that story is about to change. At the convention, Pixan Corp. is to launch a platform on which developers and other technocrats can meet their peers and have access to a large pool of knowledge, tools and resources.

For the first time in Uganda, we’ll be able to do something together the way it’s done in Silicon Valley…who knows, Uganda could soon have her own “Silicon Valley” too?

So it’s a good thing for us as part of a developing economy to develop our ability to work together; because there’ll always be someone who is better than you at something. So, being part of this community means you’ll be able to find other talented people and have access to lab equipment and facilities that you wouldn’t have had if you were working alone. You will also be able to appreciate the value of specializing in one field as an expert. So this is basically a revolution.

So the big question is, do you want to be part of it?

The Pixan Corp will open its Developers convention on 22nd February at the Innovation Village, Ntinda. The event is free for all but will require registration here.

Editors Note: This is a Press Release

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