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The Purple Party King Douglas Hosts the Katch up show on NBS alongside Anita Fabiola and Isaac.

Douglas Lwanga the chief organizer of the Purple Party event and presenter of the Beat Show that airs on NTV leaves NTV for NBS Katch up show.


                      Douglas                                                                                                Fabiola

It comes as no surprise now that NTV employees are matching in unison to NBS over yummy monthly pays. Douglas Lwanga who has been cohosting the Beat music show with Sheila Gashumba at 5pm from Monday to Friday has been off the NTV airwaves for the past one and half weeks. Many of his fans thought he had been fired over rumor going round that he was illegally using NTV to market his Purple Party tours and acting big headed to his bosses.

Douglas who is slowly rising to ladders of fame on winning several awards, having his Purple party as a success and recently reporting for BBC about the death of the legendary vocalist Radio Mozey, took on to his Facebook page to clarify that he has never been fired by any of his employers because he always gives 200% much more that what is required of him.

He confirmed his departure from NTV citing better opportunities and his passion to blossom the industry however he promised to give details of his whereabouts on the same Facebook post he penned down on Tuesday February 6th.

Though Douglas didn’t say a thing about joining the colleagues that crossed over from NTV to NBS, NBS has posted Pictures of him and Anita Fabiola on the premiere of the Katch Up show.

Douglas Lwanga is a very talented presenter whose journey started some years back on Record TV with Katogo which was his first music show. Katogo won both Douglas and Record TV favor before the fans and it scooped him heavy opportunity at NTV where he has diligently served for the past years. He neither disappointed NTV nor his fan. He won an award every other year to testify to his efforts.

Probably his growing fan base and the rise to the international horizons kept the NBS crew disturbed thus they thought it wise to bring the lost sheep to the home of the winning team.

By Kafuko Shammim

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