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The first time I had my voice singing, I knew music was my home-DAMALIE

Damalie Namubiru is a fourth year journalism and Communication student of Makerere University. She is one of the successful upcoming artiste as she was among the few lucky young talents that were chosen to perform on Fille’s latest concert at Golf course hotel.

Damalie describes her experience on stage as the most Turning moments in her music life as the concert exposed her to various opportunities that will help boost her career.
“I got contacts of some of the main musicians and very soon you will be hearing collabos, “Damalie said cheerfully. Her music career started way back while at an Adventist
High school in 2012 when one of her friends invited her to join
The school choir. She describes her first encounter with
Music as the most soothing in all her life.

“While I was singing, I felt very calm and I was like; Oh yah, this is home! “Said Damalie.
But even after realizing her talent, Damalie did not automatically launch into the music industry. Although she had a desire to be a song stress, she was barred by a lot of Things especially recording funds. She however finally entered hit her jackpot in 2016 when she Recorded her very first song.
“A lot of people inspired me; fellow students, my family but Above all my brother. He sponsored my recordings, “she said.
Damalie describes herself as a strong, determined and charming lady who is ready to be at all odds to achieve her dreams.
She believes everyone regardless of social background or Physical appearance can make it not only in the music world but also in other arenas. All they should fear is fear itself and develop that love for what they are aiming at.

“Determination is one thing you need. You should stay strong, Courageous and patience. If you are not patient, you may never achieve anything, “advised Damalie.
Time management, she says, is one thing that has enabled her to pursue her music career without declining in her Academic performance.
“Though on several occasion music takes the time meant for studies, I try to balance and cover up for the lost time,” She added.
Song stresses Juliana and Beyoncé are her role models and she hopes to move many hearts in future as these two icons If not more.

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