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Students Innovation @ Muk Expo By College of Environmental and Agricultural Sciences

The much awaited Makerere University agricultural expo kicked off yesterday, 21st March and will continue to the 24th March. The expo, organized by the College of Environmental and Agricultural Science (CAES) aimed at challenging the students to find solutions to their environment’s problems and also to solicit support from the community and Government. The expo was graced by the College Principal, who read a message from the Vice Chancellor, in which the students were encouraged to be innovative and cohesive. Officials from Uganda Development Bank and Consortium for Enhancing University Responsiveness to Agribusiness Development also offered support.


The expo was littered with innovative projects by CAES students, for example, Miss Angela from Food Science and Technology, who showcased Soya Bread and “daddies”, full of essential oils and vitamin B. “Essential oils, unlike other oils which clog the body, help to cleanse the blood vessels. We wanted to add value to snacks so that even campusers can enjoy nutritious food. Value addition is our main aim. Our products will soon be available within canteens around campus.”


Miss Angela with soya bread

Mr. Kizza, a legal adviser with the College, was showcasing Cassava cookies, doodo cookies and “omulondo” wine. He said the wine had cleansing properties as well as offering virility for men, in case they do not like chewing the root. “The cookies are packed with zinc, calcium and magnesium. We wanted to find ways to preserve and add value to Cassava” he added.


Shafick Nedala and Emmanuel Nasasira showcased creative ways of reusing polythene bags and plastic. Their concern was the high level of pollution by polythene and plastic which had even affected fish production. “We have all seen the plastic island on the Pacific Ocean made up solely of plastic waste. This is the kind of effect we are trying to reduce.” Shafick showcased artwork, seats and pillows all made out of polythene paper and plastic. He seeks to sensitize the public about polythene waste management.



Other projects showcased included the hydrophonic fodder for feeding cows, which is grown on an aluminum tray, Tourism opportunities by the Makerere University Tourism Association including the five legged cow and Soy Milk machine among other projects. Participants said these projects were started as coursework but needed to be brought to fruition.

Pictures from the exhibition @MycoyenPhotography


The main grounds, freedom square.                   An exhibition by AVSI


The soya used for Producing soya bread         Original Ugandan Leather shoes and Belts


A cooking stove that uses solar.                          A section of the Exhibition.

Compiled by Ian Akatwijuka.

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