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Saving Safa – Book review

Saving Safa is a true life story of a little girl whose participation in the movie Desert Flower rescues her from the cruelty of Female genital mutilation.

It was written in 2013 by Waris Dirie an international model, a victim and an anti-FGM activist though translated by Ruth Martin.

This fascinating novel starts with a prologue of a letter written by safa the protagonist, to the author (Waris).

The bloodcurdling words of poor Safa; whose life is under the threat of mutilation startle Waris; leaving her restless upon which the story unfolds as she travels back to rescue her little desert flower.

Safa is regarded impure, a disgrace, a curse and thrown all kinds of insults by both children and the entire society. The worry of the desert flower gives Waris no other option than to fly to Djibouti without delay.

“Saving Safa” explores the rigid, barbaric practices of culture and religion which are deeply immersed in the terrible, horrific scenes of the circumcision. Idriss the father to Safa couldn’t let go his traditional myths about women even after the trip to Europe.

Poverty as everyone in the Balbala neighborhood can only afford a shack, the never ending civil war in the horn of Africa as, drug abuse, unemployment and human trafficking (enslavement) as many seek asylum from all the injustice in their home in other countries.

Remorse, empathy, towards the little jolly girl whose future about escaping the blade to remain intact is unpredictable because the cutter is the granny who stays under the same roof.

By Shamim Kafuko

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  1. The prose of this book is just beautiful. The story is interesting and initial. This is most likely the very best i; ve checked out in years. I likewise recommend to read Michelle Brooklyn . PS: I love your blog. Thanks

  2. Mia Nevarrez says:

    I enjoyed this book from starting to end. A should check out for anyone thinking about this category. Fantastic! I likewise recommend to read . PS: I like this site. Thanks

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