Choosing the right gift for your valentine.

What to Buy Depending On the Stage of Your Relationship Buying a valentines gift is not only about being in love but the type of gift […]

The Purple Party King Douglas Hosts the Katch up show on NBS alongside Anita Fabiola and Isaac.

Douglas Lwanga the chief organizer of the Purple Party event and presenter of the Beat Show that airs on NTV leaves NTV for NBS Katch up […]

Is ABSTINENCE until marriage a realistic message?

Many in the modern culture have declared that sexual morality is dead, that abstinence isn’t realistic, but it is instead old-fashioned and outdated. Is abstinence before […]

The Parking Lot Attendant: A Novel by Nafkote Tamirat

A haunting story of fatherhood, national identity, and what it means to be an immigrant in America today, Nafkote Tamirat’s The Parking Lot Attendant explores how […]

Off Shoulders Still Rocking 2018

Get Yours Now! Off shoulders are a trend that has taken over the fashion world at a sky rocket speed. It made its stage appearance in […]

THE LIFE OF MOZEY RADIO: Family, Studies and Music Career

Born on 1st January 1985, Mozey radio real names Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo has died at the age of 33 at Case hospital on 1st February 2017 […]



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    Good online magazine. I love the trendy features with a leaning on inspiration, keep it up.

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    Thank you Mr Opio, we appreciate.

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