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Makerere University students strike early this morning after a lecturer cancels results of 400 students of third year at the college of social sciences.


Makerere University has suspended17students for indulging in Examination malpractice. Most of these students are suspended because of illegally sitting for examinations with forged examination permits. According to The tower post news, the committee of examination Malpractice and irregularities for the school of long distance and lifelong

Learning resolved to suspend the students early this month. Four students have been expelled from the university while four others have received a two years suspension over forging examination permits one of the students, Dickson Omeka, received a definite suspension and four others were suspended for a period of one year over cheating

Examinations. According to Sylvester Sabiti, GRC of the school of Languages and

Communication, over 200 students mainly from the school of law, school of education and some from the journalism fraternity are to face the Committee for the same reason.

The university has lost a lot of money over examination and other Academic-related malpractice. For example on January 1, 2018, daily monitor reported over 16,000 ghost students at the university.

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