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Makerere University students strike early this morning after a lecturer cancels results of 400 students of third year at the college of social sciences.

Today the angry students stormed the office of Dr. Anthony Okuku demanding for the release of their marks for Urban and Rural Development that were not released since their first semester second year. Dr. Anthony withheld the results of the 400 students on grounds of suspected examination malpractice.

These students who were clad in their red undergraduate gowns with tree branches and sticks demanded for an explanation from the lecturer however, this demand seemed to be falling on a deaf ear as he locked himself in his office without giving them any response.

Later the students decided to break into his office and took him out like a chicken thief threatening to beat him up. The Makerere University police in company of the Dean of Students Dr. Andrew Erias were on time to rescue the academician from the angry mob of students.

Unmarked scripts were discovered in his office after a search and Dr. Andrew assured the students that after talking to the Vice Chancellor Prof. Nawagwe, a way forward will be decided. IT is so impossible for 400 students to have been caught cheating.

Though the strike was not really alarming, it called for a lot of attention from the different political aspirants who aimed at solidifying their solidarity with the finalists that will be graduating early next year. Many Guild President Contestants and Guild Representative Council aspirants (GRCs) joined the front line claiming that these are issues they intend to fight.

Apart from the Togikwatako campaign strikes last year, Makerere University has been off strikes despite the fact that students still grapple with sickening issues like, missing mark and sexual harassment.

Guild aspirants solidifying solidarity

Simon Wanyera holding his political opponent Ainebyona as they show solidarity during the strike

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