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I started with One Hundred Thousand Shillings-Byamukama Geofrey

Byamukama live in Wakiso District where his workshop is also located with two other friends.he is a young creative man who believes the sky is the limit. “I started with very little capital of about one hundred thousand Ugandan shillings but promised myself progress” he explained. The three young creative men focus on wooden and African craft shoes where on good times produce maximum of 350 pieces going for  10,000 shillings wholesale and 15,000 shillings retail price. He pays monthly rent of thirty thousand shillings which he believes its financially manageable however he has plans for expansion.

The market is seasonal so we always rely on back to school promotions and whole sellers. There are so many challenges and risks in the business world but one has got to focus on his goals, Byamukama advised. He supports two brothers at school with pocket money, school fees and wishes he could do more. His dream of opening a shop in Kampala city is still burning and with continuous effort he will surely live up to his dreams.

I was inspired by my sponsor, he saw what others could not see and gave me the chance to do something with myself which I can proudly share with others, do something for yourself however small,it is worth trying, he advised the youth.

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