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Foolish Galatians

When Paul said foolish Galatians, he sounded mean to his audience. The first time I had someone say it, I was filled with rage. I mean why that of all sermons? Anyway, God’s word is like a two edged sword my pastor reminds me all the time.

Now this is where am driving too: we are in church for a Sunday service, in one of those churches whose biggest population is 70% young, beautiful people who love the Lord to bits. Suddenly a pretty girl; dark skinned, long nose, fat but with a figure eight is ushered to come seat next to me  just a few minutes after the praise and worship had started.

So we all chorus as a congregation with the choir about how much we adore the Lord more than anything. After the sweet melodies we all sat down to partake of the bread prepared for us in the sermon. My gorgeous neighbor pulled out her Samsung I don’t know which age; Galaxy …she made me uncomfortable so I shied away pulling out my aging bible. In this era of smart bibles!  You do not have to flip pages looking up just one book, have an audio reader. It is just so fancy. Who wouldn’t want such simplified work?

I went about flipping one page after another while she clicked and swiped hers. As we were reading from Luke, along the way my eyes betrayed me, may God forgive me. I tried to snoop into the digital bible of my neighbor. Guess what, Her Luke was absolutely different from mine. It had uncoordinated images not like those in the good News bible, actually it did not read Luke but online. My heart skipped a bit, I said to myself “wait a minute! So smart bibles are read online?”  So I went on with my business definitely reading my analogy bible.

Here came the quandary, after the reading we had to listen to the interpretation from the pastor but the person next to me seemed to have had the interpretations on her phone prior to the preaching probably through Skype for she kept on swiping, or else her scriptures were longer than anyone else’s.

To put it straight she was WatsApping. It reminded me of a scripture, when Jesus said; you cannot serve two masters at once. I know the digital times allow us to travel the entire world when we are seated in one place. But if you woke up from your sweet sleep to come to church, it means you thought Him a better option than anything else so why then Facebook before God. Seriously we are foolish just as Paul said, we have all the six days and over twenty two hours to our gargets, friends why then do we catch up with them in the two hours we have spared for God? Am not preaching but sincerely it does not make sense to come to church and go away with one satisfaction am from church.

What more has been supplemented to your heart. So if we go one making the same mistakes, praying about the same things situations that never change, we should blame it on ourselves not Satan. We are our own devils.

By Shamim Kafuko

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  1. Tenywa Cositantine says:

    This drives me question the essence of the modernity phenomena in relation to the religious traditions and practices

  2. Micheal says:

    the question is, how can the two be harmonized without conflict of interest

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