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‘She has mustered the philosophy of education, ‘to equip People with necessary skills and knowledge for survival in the ever changing society but not for employment.’

Still in her fourth year at campus, Yvonne Njuna, also known as Miss Ivy already owns an award as the best Business reporter from the previous inter-institution media challenge competitions.


However, this achievement did not stop Yvonne from pushing for her Fashion dreams and now she owns a fashion house.

Njuna believes she was socially oriented into the fashion world way back in her childhood as she was circled by people who believed in Fashion and style.

“My sister who follows after me was born when I was only a year old. So we used to put on the same clothes. Our Auntie, who was and still is, a tailor always made for us twin outfits, “she said.

Being a finalist, Yvonne thought of her life after the university and since she didn’t want the notion of job seeking, she came up with an Idea of tailoring.

“I approached my sister who is a great tailor and asked her to teach me the basics in knitting using a manual sewing machine, “Yvonne added.

Since she is a government sponsored student, Njuna sacrificed some of the living out allowances that she receives every semester from the government to buy an electric sewing machine and some material to start up her fashion business.

She decided to join fashion because she is very creative and has Crafty hands. She believes she can just look at a piece of cloth and know what need to be done.

“When I take hold of a piece of cloth, I can’t leave it unbothered, I love art! “She said enthusiastically.

Yvonne said that although most people pursue a course in tailoring, it only needs someone’s love and commitment towards it.

“Fashion is passion. If you don’t like it, you won’t give it your time and heart, and if you don’t, you will never do creative pieces, “she said. Although her business is still small, she believes by the end of May she would have bought many machines, employ a minimum of five People and also should have made a showroom.

Fashion star Fatumah Asha inspires her a lot and she said no day Passes by when she doesn’t check her page for new fashion style.

Her best fashion trend is off-shoulder, since she believes it suits all Sizes and the one she could do away with is damaged pants that expose the whole thigh.

       Former class representative, Njuna Yvonne has an eye for politics. She believes she is naturally a leader and can therefore perform well in the political arena.

“I normally ask myself, what if I became the MP of my district. I have Connections to the politicians in my district for example the former Woman MP, “said Njuna.

Balancing between journalism and tailoring has helped her to Succeed in both business and academics and has said that she would” die” if told to choose between the two.

“I usually have one class per day which gives me time to work on my Tailoring business too but I also work during the night. I don’t sleep until when I have finished that style that is bothering me,”

She advises student’s especially fellow journalists to take their Courses with passion instead of having money motives.

“Journalists, if you want to pursue a journalism profession, know that it is not a business. Journalism is something you need to do as your passion. If you looking for money in it, you won’t get it but good work shall pay you, “Njuna said.


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