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Fall in Love: Five Things You Need To Know.

Campus, or University, is a beautiful time in a young person’s life. It is the time to explore one’s potential with little supervision, mingle with all types of people, which is thoroughly exhilarating, and learn how to live independently. You may hear advice like, “you don’t need to read so much” which is absolutely false, or “It’s all about partying!” which is completely misleading. Most of all, however, campus is a beautiful time to fall in love. So if you decide to cross that bridge, here are a few things you need to know.

  1. It’s okay if you never fall in love.

Like life, campus is not a race. The only person you need to outperform is the old you. You do not need to fall for every tom, duck, and harry just because your friends have boyfriends or girlfriends. Take the time to invest in yourself, your goals and your dreams, explore who you are as a single person. Time spent on yourself always pays off. If love comes along, then that’s fantastic.

  1. It’s possible to meet the love of your life at campus.

I have friends who met in their first year and when they graduated, they immediately got married. It happens, and when it does it’s beautiful. Take the time to groom yourself into the kind of person you would want to date, build on your confidence, go out to fun places and meet new people. Mr. or Miss Right will not find you lazily whattsApping in your hostel room. Dating should be a fun experience where you learn about yourself and how to deal with people. Have fun.

  1. It is advisable to abstain from sex.

Sex can be fun and enjoyable but can also have ruthless repercussions that a young person may not be able to deal with. You could contract Sexually Transmitted Diseases and other complications like Fistula and unwanted pregnancies for the girls. For the boys, you could even get in trouble with the law! All this will come at an expense to your education. You should never allow to be pressured into sex. You have the right to say no. Your body is a temple and only you decide who worships there. Sex was meant for people in a controlled and stable environment of marriage. Besides, most of your friends who brag to you that they’ve had sex before, really haven’t. But if you must, always practice safe sex, use a condom.

  1. Separate your life from your partner’s.

Don’t make your partner your end-all-be-all. Give him/her time but remember your foremost aim is to gain a degree, so concentrate on your books. Besides, your partner needs space otherwise he/she will feel smothered or will not value you since you will appear to be too easy and insecure. Have your own friends, your own interests and activities all separate from him/her.

Heartbreaks are expected in relationships

  1. Heartbreak will come.

It’s a fact, where there is love, broken hearts may not be far. However, do not lose hope and seek to jump off the highest building in campus in case your heart gets broken. Remember how we advised you to separate your life from your partner’s? This is where it comes in handy. Concentrate on the stuff you love to do or even discover new ones! Go for a seminar or attend an unrelated class which fascinates you, at a different faculty. Stay close to your friends, spoil yourself, dress beautifully just because you can. Don’t dwell on your ex or the reasons why he/she left. Let go. Visit your pastor or counselor for spiritual support. At Makerere University there is a counselor in every hall, utilize them. Most of all remember, while you still breathe, you will see better days.

Now that you are armed with these tidbits of information, you are ready to go and conquer campus since knowledge is power. But remember, all your steamy love life and fun social life will be useless if you are not reading your books. In the end, what matters is that degree. Learn to balance: Work hard. Play a little. Stay safe.

Compiled By Ian Akatwijuka

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