Is it wrong to have a roommate of the opposite sex?
PINEAPPLES: Exquisitely beautiful, palatable and nutritious.


You come from a poor family, okay economically disadvantaged family; you get an admission to the University. It’s important to socialize and make new friends. You meet people from all walks of life – people from different backgrounds.

The first few weeks, you get to know your mates and the great environment of the campus. You enjoy the new place of your study and you are fine with everything. As time goes, you start seeing students from the well to do families changing clothes every now and then, you see girls wearing real designer shoes and latest fashions, expensive Brazilian hair, and you see them going for outings daily and Jumia foods delivering food to them every day in their hostels.

When you look at yourself, all you have is a tray of eggs and a tin of cooking oil you are left with in your room; you only have 4 blouses and 3 pairs of jeans and perhaps a skirt too.

The rising pressure of beauty deep in your heart makes you feel like you are nothing in campus, you start looking for all the possible ways to get more money – just because you want to be in the same level with students from economically stable families.

You start burdening your family to give you more money but all they can afford is money for rent, tuition and food.

What Next!

You begin deceiving your parents that they want money for text books, field works, out reaches and so on – just because you want to look like students from upper class families. When you realize that your parents can’t give you much, you start looking for other quicker options to get money and looking down to yourself, the only option is getting blessers and sugar daddies – the money bags.

The new comfortable life gets to your head and you start forgetting about books. You completely forget why your poor parents did all they could to send you to campus.

To keep the money bags happy, you spend all your time with them – just because you want an expensive life.

As time ticks, the course also comes to an end, you start having the worse moment in your life. You have failed in class and you leave the University with a very inutile academic paper which may not help you in the world of today.

Yes, time is gone!

Dear pals, dear brothers and sisters; this is probably what you may experience in campus but please, I am begging you. I am pleading with you. Know where you came from.

Respect the difficulties your parents go through to see you at school.

Know what you want in life, have a goal and target and keep moving towards your dream.

Even if it means eating eggs and Posho every day, G.nuts and Matoke, or having tea and chapatti – let it be so. Please admit the situation. No condition lasts forever.

Even if it means putting on the same clothes all the time, let it be so – life is not a competition.

Tomorrow is pregnant; nobody knows what forth it shall give birth to. Nobody knows tomorrow – Only God.

Just like waves in the ocean come and go, no challenge is permanent. Your suffering will also go one day and all the pain you went through while studying shall become history.

I repeat friends, No condition is Permanent. No situation shall stay forever and change is constant, if you believe in it, you can achieve it.

You have the powers to change the situation at home; you have the strength to be the first person to get what your family has been longing for.

Just get determined and focused, concentrate in your studies no matter what you go through, you can move from grass to grace, nothing to something and from zero to Hero.

Life is what you make it. Remember, the only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be right now.

Work hard and success shall be your way.

May the Almighty God bless you in all your endeavors.

“Inspiring the world, Changing lives…..”

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