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Dance to pay bills – Meet Rose Mary Atim, The Professional Dance Maestro

It is true everybody can dance but can everybody dance to pay bills? Parents are very objective when it comes to children taking part in dance as a course in the university because in Uganda for years, dance has been considered a form of entertainment other than a profession. However with the diversity in the economy and the entertainment world in the country, entertainers, musicians have embodied dance. Professional dancers therefore match hand in hand with musicians.

In February 2017, rose Mary Atim graduated with bachelor’s degree in dance at Makerere University among other dancers. She first came to the spotlight in 2008 when she participated in NTV’S hot steps dance competition and emerged second. Recently we know her as a professional dancer who has worked with artists like Sheba Karungi, obsessions and others. She advises dancers to try and get professional training to avoid under payment as people in the entertainment industry do not take dancers seriously.


There are so many professional dancers out there paying bills from dance gigs but the community tends not to consider dance as a professional business or employment yet some dancers actually earn more income than social servants. We need to change this kind of mindset because dance in itself is self-employment.


Compiled by Irene Ageno Julu

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  1. yen says:

    that is quite amazing, ithink we parents need to let our children discover their talents, our work is just to support them nature it.

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