I started with One Hundred Thousand Shillings-Byamukama Geofrey

Byamukama live in Wakiso District where his workshop is also located with two other friends.he is a young creative man who believes the sky is the […]

How to start a Business with very little capital

Starting a business is a very smart move and a great step to becoming self-employed and a boss of your own, however the prize comes with […]

Building Dreams; I Balance Work At My Salon And Lectures, Mass Com Student Speaks Out on Business

Why did you opt for a salon? Salon is not seasonal, people will always plait hair most especially campus students are always there to plait. It […]

Meet Zam Namuddu, she earns big from frying chips.

The second year Makerere University student of Science in population studies who identified a niche and started business. “I used to move every day to Mary […]
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