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Why did you opt for a salon?

Salon is not seasonal, people will always plait hair most especially campus students are always there to plait. It gives you time, you can make an appointment, I do plait even at night, and I love doing hair.

How do you balance your books and this business of yours?

I do it in my free time and doesn’t collide with my timetable and also do it in my free days.

So you don’t have any relaxing time since all of it is for plaiting

Not all the free time I have am with clients or customers, sometimes I don’t have clients.

How many customers do you get in a week?

Three at least.

How is it working while studying?

It’s quite challenging sometimes you plait a friend and there is no way you can charge him or her like you can charge someone you don’t know.

Sometimes you plait someone up to late and you have to finish so you go for lectures in the morning and you doze off yet you also need to catch up with class.

How have you managed to keep your clients?

Most times I understand their conditions because I am a student to, like sometimes someone can tell you to plait her on credit which doesn’t work in other salons.

I give them time in that when am plaiting a person I don’t interfere with others in cases where I have two or more customers at ago.

How long have you been in this business?

I first learnt plaiting in s.4 vacation and continued in my S.6 Vacation, I used to plait but not commercially and eventually after sometime I opened a salon during vacation.

What is your price range?

Lowest 10.000/= to any price. There is no maximum price since there are different hairstyles with different prices for example dreadlocks which I plait at 70,000/= shilling.

I cannot plait twist for more than 30.000 shilling. Minimum and maximum depends on the hairstyle

How do people get to know about your services since you do it in your room?

Most times when I am plaiting I do it from outside so that people get to see what I am doing.

I also keep on telling my course mates what I do.

What is next after campus?

I will look for a job as I continue with my business because I cannot run one thing only.

How much did you use for starting this business?

Around 200.000 shillings.

Where did you get the money from?

I got credit and I paid back after sometime when I started making money.

Advice to the campus students not doing business.

It’s not what parents give us that can keep us moving, the parents can give you all that they have but still if you fail to learn to make your own money at this stage, it’s quite useless. Me I can accept to wash toilets in the name of making money in the name of making myself savings so it is also good to have a saving culture but not out of the parents money they give to you. When you get out of campus it is going to be hard to start making money when you didn’t learn while you were at campus. They should not despise work as long as it can give you money, as long as you can save something out of it.

With the little you get, what do you do with it?

I have a savings plan whereby every week I save 10.000 shilling.

I also run another business in the village where by I buy second hand bags from here and I send them to be sold from there. That is how I have kept the money I make.

By the end of this year I want to buy a plot of land in the village.

Are you going to employ some of the jobless youth in the near future?

Yes, actually before I joined campus I was already employing someone and I want by third year, I should be employing someone so that I can concentrate on finishing my studies.

Who pays your tuition, upkeep and rent?

I am on government sponsorship, I make my own money for upkeep and I use the allowance to pay the rent.


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  1. Micheal says:

    this is one of the most hardworking ladies and foreword thinking ladies i have ever met. very determined to excel at a tender age. quite encouraging to the young people out there

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