The Dark Origin of Valentine’s Day

Valentine colors and what they say about you

On Valentine’s Day, many people think it’s a dress up-in-red day. However, there are other valentine’s colors that can be worn to fit in the day.

Although most people may not care about what color they are wearing on this day, these colors carry meanings especially to the people who understand them. After picking a gift for your valentine, it is good to know the appropriate dress code so as not to make him/her think otherwise. Let’s take you through all the valentines color and what image they portray. Men also watch out on what your date puts on, it may be an indirect rejection to your proposal.




This color is for the broken hearted. When you wear this color on valentines, you are quietly signaling to those who may love to date you that you still have wounds from your past relationship and therefore prefer to be left alone to mend your broken heart.











This color means that a person broke up with his or her past lover. Unlike color brown, people who wear color yellow on valentine are not frustrated because of the breakup but feel relieved to break away from the relationship. These people have no problem with getting into another stress-free relationship and they are ready to mingle. He/she may also be telling you that she/he has broken free from the barriers in your relationship.










Purple and grey mean that a person is not interested in any relationship. He/she may have given up on love and therefore still in a love break or she maybe single and has never been into any love affair and still not ready to get into one (relationship).













Black color

Proposal rejected! When your partner or date wears a black color for valentines, it means that she has not accepted your marriage proposal. She is not ready to settle down especially not with you.









Orange color

Going to propose. When your valentine color puts on orange color on this day, be ready for it, the proposal! If it’s not your ring, it maybe the other woman’s.







Color pink

Proposal accepted! This color is for those proposed to. When your date puts on pink for your valentine just take it as a complete ‘ yes’ for your proposal. She is willing to marry and settle in with you.








White color

This color is for people who have decided to reserve their sexuality to their future husbands. They are not ready to go into any relationship that won’t lead into marriage. They are also ready to stay pure and abstain till marriage.







Green color

People who dress up in green on valentines are the kind that are still waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Right. They are very careful with relationships and therefore not ready to enter any before they are sure the relationship will last. They are ready to wait until God ‘creates’ for them their match. Any day any time, when their ‘fitting’ is found, they will start relating.











Color blue

This color means that a person is not in any relationship but ready to try out. He/she is welcoming anyone interested in dating him/her and if all goes well, you maybe the lucky guy.










Color red

Already in love. This color shows that a person is in a deep love relationship. She/he is contented and not ready to leave his/her partner for anything





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